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Kergrist is located 13 km (8 miles) to the north of Pontivy, which translates to a ten minute drive. Pontivy, known in the past as 'Napoleonville' because of the strong Napoleonic connections, has all of the features expected of a large town in France - arts and sports facilities, major stores and supermarkets and a new modern hospital. It is well served by roads radiating in all directions. This means that St Brieuc on the north coast is just 50 minutes away, as is Vannes on the south coast. Rennes is one and a half hours away, as is Brest. St Malo is a two hour drive and Caen about three hours. So the whole of Brittany is within easy reach, as well as the major ferry ports and airports.

To the north of Kergrist, and just 15 minutes drive away, is the beautiful Lac Guerledan and the Abbaye de Bon Repos, site of a Sunday morning street market by the side of the Blavet River.

Kergrist has numerous activities throughout the year, with local events taking place at the Salle Polyvalente (village hall) and other venues. Lunches, sometimes attended by two or three hundred people, are organised several times a year. For eleven Euros each, people sit at long tables and tuck in to a four course meal with plenty of wine. French and English are able to mingle at these events.

Kergrist seems to experience better weather than the area to the north, the range of hills seemingly creating two different climates. Winters are far less harsh than the western part of Brittany, while the summer weather is very warm. We are finding more and more British people migrating from the south west of France to this part because of the less extreme climate that we enjoy. In fact records for July 2014 show that Brittany had the most sunshine and the least rainfall of the whole of France.

All visitors to the house comment on the beauty and tranquility of the location, there being no traffic noise or noisy neighbours. And no cattle closer than about one kilometre! And lovely views across open, rolling countryside to the Blavet Valley.